Staying Healthy While Traveling 

Most people love to travel and do so for many purposes.  Whether it’s the excitement and discovery of a new place or for work-related reasons, one thing is for sure: it is imperative to stay healthy in order to make the most out of our trip.  Sickness on a trip can also take many forms but there is much we can do to prevent it.  

Drinking sufficient clean water is crucial for our overall health and particularly significant when traveling mid-year or to a higher altitude.  Some people tend to feel nauseous and drained during travel, and often they don’t even realize that they are dehydrated, which could add to general motion sickness.  During warm and damp climate conditions, you lose more water by perspiring, which makes it all the more important to maintain access to clean water and drink often. Pack a reusable water bottle, and make sure that your water source is safe.

Lack of sleep is often overlooked as a reason for getting sick while traveling.  Often, we feel rundown and groggy just because we are changing our routines in preparation of and during a trip.  During those hectic days, create schedules and plan ahead, allowing plenty of time for rest.  Whenever possible, we should continue to follow the routines that have worked for us even while traveling.

An unsavory side effect of travel could sometimes be that our journeys cause chaos in our digestive system.  It’s no wonder that overindulging in food and drinks while traveling not only causes unpleasant stomach issues but also could set back established healthy diets.  To avoid this, plan ahead by making sure there are proper meals available and create a schedule to follow.  Dissuade yourself from skipping meals that could lead to excessive hunger and bad food choices.  Pack convenient healthier snack options whenever possible.  While we may travel to have fun and enjoy local cuisine, too much of a new thing can be a lot for our digestive system to handle.  We should listen keenly to our bodies and pace ourselves, opting for healthier varieties as much as possible.

In today’s changing landscape of communicable diseases, it’s become more important than ever to pay attention to local health officials’ guidance on prevention.  Research thoroughly, and make sure to get travel vaccinations needed to help prevent contracting diseases endemic to certain regions.  To reduce your chances of getting sick, wash your hands often, especially before eating, and carry hand sanitizer whenever soap and water aren’t available.   It’s also useful to pack some medical aid supplies while traveling, particularly in case you’re traveling with kids.  

Prevention is paramount to maintaining good health.  How we take care of ourselves during travel will no doubt affect the quality of our trip.  While not everything is in our hands, we can do due diligence by planning ahead and making thoughtful decisions during our travels.  When we look back on our travels filled with fond memories, we will be grateful for the effort made.

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