Trek to Sar Pass in Parvati Valley

Sar Pass Trek is no question one of “The Best Himalayan Trek for Beginners” in the Shivalik scopes of Parvati Valley (Kasol, Himachal Pradesh, India) because of its picturesque excellence and path. It’s additionally quite possibly the most popular trek offered and it has a colossal interest also. I trust you will be more intrigued to know the campground and experience something very similar. Here I will assist you with some data about Sar Pass Trek and offer my experience all through. Allow us to begin our trek!

About Sar Pass

Sar in neighborhood language signifies “Lake”. There is a great deal of “Passes” in the Himalayan reaches. Essentially, a Mountain Pass is only a traversable alternate way through mountain ranges or edges utilized by the neighborhood individuals to exchange or move to the nearby towns. Sar Pass is one such pass utilized by the nearby individuals from an earlier time. Presently, this had gone to be a path for trekkers in the Parvati valley. Sar Pass offers a generally excellent view and the paths are happy to eyes.

Essential Information about the Sar Pass Trek

Height: 13,800 ft from the ocean level.

Trouble Grade: Moderate.

Long periods of Trex Per Day: 6 – 7 hours.

Headquarters: Kasol, Himachal Pradesh, India.

Number of Days: 10 Nights/11 Days (Based on the Organizer 2 or 3 days can be decreased).

Best Time: May-June.

Despite the fact that the trek has been evaluated with Moderate trouble, from my experience I had seen this trek should be possible even by a novice. We collectively of 15 companions trekked Sar Pass in the year 2017 and our gathering finished the trek with no difficulty. Our gathering threw a tantrum and some fit individuals, who did some fundamental exercises before the trek for a month, finished it.

Likewise, I need to say when we were on our trek, we experienced 87-year-old noble men trekking Sar Pass (He was not permitted to the highest point, while he returned back from the third camping area). So, age doesn’t make any difference in case you are fit and fine with a positive attitude.

I favor Jannattrips for the Sar Pass trek because of different reasons and I had written down the justifications for what reason one should consider trekking with Jannattrips. Reserving for the Jannattrips Sar Pass trek begins around October or November with 50 – 60 spaces each day. To book for the trek you can keep an eye out for this space regularly.

Sar Pass Trek Height and Altitude


Sar pass trek has been honored with a humongous and lofty stature which ranges around 13,780 feet giving sheer goosebumps to the trekkers and explorers. The tallness does have a vital offer as far as trekking exercises and the travel industry ones.

What’s more, Sar Pass has a particularly mysterious number that can without much of a stretch charm any trekking without a doubt. The Sar Pass Trek has consistently been that A recorded name with regards to trekking in Kullu valley and the tallness factor assumes a lot greater part in setting up this accomplishment.

Sar Pass Trek Location

The very lavish Sar pass trek has a moderate distance spreading over around 48kms making it a very extensive one. However it may appear to be a monster trek it’s not, the trek is brimming with the unparalleled investigation and astonishing landscapes.

Sar pass trek’s entire distance is genuinely defending one to its specified distance. The trek is having many very astounding and very magnificent sightings which makes it without a doubt an optimal one as far as the travel industry and trekking reasons.

Sar Pass trek Weather and Temperature


Sar Pass trek falls in that crate of multi-dimensional traveler objections which have all-around highlights and the astonishing equilibrium which makes it seriously appealing. The climate is a pretty sustaining one to go for trekking and investigation exercises.

The climate at Sar pass trek having its own wine which makes it a more appealing and very stunning thing. Sar pass trek climate gives a greatly improved viewpoint and the very wonderful experience which is worth each penny spent and its really enhancing one to have.


Sar pass trek as such having the most hopeful temperature which suits it impeccably. Sar pass trek temperature lies between 10-20 degrees on typical radiant days making it far encouraging.

The temperature consistently has a more prominent effect with regards to the travel industry and here the temperature has a greater impact to draw in vacationers.

Best Time For Sar Pass Trek

An ideal opportunity to go for Sar pass Trek is additionally one of its features and it genuinely legitimizes the title of the feature as such it falls during the get-aways making it considerably more charming.

The Best time begins in the long stretch of April and the season closes in the period of October making it an ideal trip objective to get loose and invigorated. The actual months depict the account of delight and the fascinating energies which make any traveler site euphoric and heartfelt.

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