Little known Gems of Poland

Planning a trip to Poland and have already booked direct flights to Poland from USA? Or looking for the best places to travel in Poland for making your travel plans? If you have already visited Poland once then this time your eyes must be looking for the little-known places. And like every other country Poland has some very beautiful little-known places in Poland to visit. Check the hidden gems of Poland here with us.

Poland is a country that is beautiful inside out. And after visiting Poland once you will want to visit there again and again. Well, the Polish charm never fails to gain travel bugs’ attention. The country has a long history and centuries-old buildings still standing and making Poland more beautiful.

Firstly, every traveler tries to cover the most popular attractions and locations of Poland. While on their next trip to this beautiful country they look for less known places in Poland that are beautiful. If you are looking for the same, then it’s time to use our guidebook on the little-known gems of Poland.

Let’s know the little known Gems of Poland

1) Roztocze

If you are looking for a remote location with a beautiful countryside experience then you must visit here. This Polish location is the perfect choice to spend your time with nature and without worries. Here you get to enjoy a slower pace of life along with horsecart rides.

Roztocze is an old-school town where you can still find houses made up of old styles. And carrying an old-school but unique and enchanting dressing style. Moreover, the town enjoys mild weather during summers making it a favorite spot for locals to spend their summers.

 Along with the beautiful old-school scenery, this town also has lakes and forests of its own. These lakes are perfect places to grab sunlight and enjoy beautiful views. While the forests are a good spot to enjoy a great flora and fauna with pollution-free air and water.

2) Lancut Castle

The most beautiful thing about Poland is that the country is the home of many beautiful castles. And Lancut Castle is one of the most beautiful Castles present in the Polish land. Residing in a small town Lancut, Lancut Castle is a feast to the eyes.

Lancut town is one of the most colorful Polish towns with gorgeous scenery. The town has everything from beautiful castles, buildings of importance, rich history, and gorgeous scenery. The town is easily accessible from most of the Polish cities and is just a 2-hour drive away from Krakow.

Lancut Castle is a unique castle that enjoys good popularity on the international level. The castle contains a Coach house and an English-style park where you can sit and enjoy the outer views of the castle. If you share a love for beautiful palaces and castles, then you should take a flight from USA to London.

3) Bialowieza Forest

If you are a true Poland lover, then you must have heard about the popular Bialowieza Forest. Thi forest is one of the most natural forests on earth that looks untouched by human interference. Enjoying its natural estate, this forest is unspoiled, beautiful, and native.

The forest is easily accessible from the Bialowieza border as it is right next to it. This forest is the home to European bison which are the largest animals living in the land of Europe. Bison are kept here under strict protection to promote reproduction and to prevent unwanted deaths. Along with grand European bison, other animals that you can find here include wolves, boars, and deer.

4) Bieszczady Mountains

A paradise for solo travelers, these Polish mountains are heaven for free souls. If you are want t take a break from your everyday routine and enjoy a slower pace of life, then these Polish mountains are your ideal choice.

These mountains are the perfect place to take a break from borders, prejudice, and judgments. And allows you to freely breathe in the fresh and pollution-free air. While enjoying a free-style lifestyle where you don’t need to be a people pleaser.

The beautiful mountains are closer to the borders of Ukraine and Slovakia and are the best natural wonders. Here, you can enjoy beautiful hiking trails that are unspoiled, beautiful, and unique. Moreover, if you are a beginner at hiking, then these not-so-high mountains are perfect for your first hiking experience.

5) Solec Zdroj

A truly hidden gem of Poland, Solec Zdroj is a place that you must haven’t heard of. This Polish hidden jewel is a paradise for swimming lovers. Here you can find many swimming pools filled with mineral-enriched waters. These pools contain the best sulphuric water on Earth and are popular for curing many illnesses along with skin diseases.

Locals of the town embrace these swimming pools while tourists from all over the world visit them for a bath. If you are looking for a healing experience or healthy skin, then you should consider taking a bath here.

There is a complete complex having different swimming pools and areas to relax and rejuvenate. Making it an ideal place to relax with the extra benefits of healing as well.

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