Importance of ISO 22000 Certification

The ISO 22000 Certification is an international food safety standard developed by the International Organization for Standardization. It serves as a framework for the Food Safety Management System (FSMS), including a Good Production Practice (GMP), Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP) policy, and ISO 9001: 2000 components. ISO 22000 addresses the common food safety needs that are now applied worldwide by all organizations from farms to funnels.

Who Benefits from ISO 22000?

For any company, such as a food-related business, it can be beneficial to store with farmers, transporters, packers, processors, retailers, bottles, and restaurants.

ISO 22000 integrates with an existing HACCP program:

You can meet the requirements of ISO 22000 for food safety, Section 7, as soon as you have a functioning GMP and HACCP program. ISO requires system quality management system components fixed with ISO 9001: 2000 and includes:

  • A communication plan.
  • A process for management review.
  • A method for continuous improvement.
  • A method for controlling documents and records.

ISO 22000 Quality Management System Components:

  • In order to implement an effective system for communication within the food chain, it is even more relevant that there should be a bilateral information flow between all those affected or affected by your FSMS. It includes suppliers, contractors, customers, customers, legal and regulatory authorities, and company employees.
  • In addition, it also involves top management in regular, documented reviews of FSMS to ensure its continued implementation and improvement.

Key components of ISO 22000

Management team participation: This is a top management issue that Deals with the participation of the ISO 22000 management team, which needs to develop an overall policy.

Communication: Food safety risks can be presented at any stage of the food chain so communication between both the upstream and downstream is essential. Moreover, internal communication is an important component to avoid misunderstandings and reduce risks. A common dictionary in this connection can be important and a great help.

HACCP Policies: ISO 22000 combines accreditation of HACCP policies with a previous program. Risk analysis as a whole determines a strong strategy and prior programs determine a plan of action.

Management System: It always depends on a configuration management system that is based on the relevant part of ISO 9001. And yes, it is possible to connect them to an operating system with ISO 14001.

Required for ISO 22000

Effective and effective pre-requisite programs are relevant to ensure a clean and hygienic environment.

Hazard analysis and complex control plan to prevent and eliminate food safety hazards.

In order to manage food security in your organization, the management of established documented food safety management systems and business planning needs the activities that affect communication and food security.

Prerequisites for ISO 22000 Certification

Food Safety Management System Documentation:

First of all, it will be a document in the form of your policies, objectives, procedures, and records. Mainly four to four levels of documentation are included in the documented management system.

Documenting your Processes:

Second, you need to document the processes invoked by ensuring the control of other processes in your FSMS. This means that your FSMS will have more document methods than just the default ones, but these methods will be useful documents. This ensures that the management plan and the process are approved on the other hand; they will also ensure that the management knows how to do the process.

The Specific Processes Required by the Standard are:

  • Document Control.
  • Record control.
  • Unsafe Product Control.
  • Amendment.
  • Correction work.

Withdrawal and Internal Audit

One thing to keep in mind is that different people do the same process If you leave the writing method to collect dust and put it in a book in the cell, you will create a system where the documented process. In addition, work instructions will be an important and integral part of your system.

Simplify your Documentation Project:

Under certain circumstances, you decide to set up an ISO 22000 certificate in your company, so you know that you have to document the food and safety form. It’s easy for you to hire an expensive consultant. After that, you will be free.

Benefits of ISO 22000 Certification

  • It has an audible global standard.
  • Internationally recognized.
  • Increase the protection of business liability protection.
  • Improve audit and verification preparation.
  • Increase regulatory compliance.
  • Manages inter-business communications with external agencies, customers, and suppliers.
  • Compatibility with established quality management systems such as ISO 9001.
  • HACCP has all the benefits.

Process for ISO 22000 Certification

  • Apply to a certified ISO certification body.
  • Explain the scope of authentication.
  • Preliminary assessment to check the structure of the management system.
  • Certificate Audit.
  • Monitoring audit.
  • Three years later, re-certification.

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