GeneratePress Theme Review 2022: The Best WordPress Theme for Bloggers

In this blog, we are discussing GeneratePress Theme Review. so read this blog till the end.

There are many ways to improve the speed of your site that you should use a good web hosting such as Hostinger. And images should also be optimized well. 

There are some similar ways by which we can improve the speed of our site. And the Generatepress Theme we are talking about is a Light Weight Theme.

This theme has already been optimized. After installing this theme, you will get very good speed. 

GeneratePress is developed by Canadian developer Tom Usborne. Its free version provides a basic design to your blog or website and if you want to add a more advanced feature to your site then you can use its modular add-on plugins which cost $39 or buy separately then each For this you have to pay 7-8$. So let’s start the GeneratePress Theme Review…..

GeneratePress Theme Review 2022

The GeneratePress theme is a simple, lightweight, and free WordPress theme. It was developed with speed, search engine optimization, and usability in mind. As a responsive theme, it can adapt well to any screen and is compatible with all popular browsers and Internet Explorer 8. The best part is that it is available in both the free version and the premium version of the GeneratePress theme.

Prize (Pro Version with modules)$59
Weightless than 10 KB
Features1. Fast Loading speed
2. Mobile-Friendly
3. Modular Design
4. Security

GeneratePress WordPress Theme Features

In this GeneratePress Theme Review, we will talk about some features of Generate Press theme:-

  • Lightweight & Fast-loading Speed
  • Mobile Responsive
  • SEO Friendly
  • Easy Customization
  • Secure & Stable

1. Lightweight & Fast-loading Speed

Bog and Speed of the website are a part of SEO. If the theme size of your blog is more then the loading speed of your website may decrease. Even today many people use themes with sizes up to 200KB and 300KB. GeneratePress is well-coded and designed with Lightweight. 

2. Mobile Responsive

Generate Press theme is Mobile Responsive as well as user-friendly. which is fits in any browser and mobile screen.

3. SEO Friendly

SEO Friendly Theme means such themes that help to rank your blog and blog post in search engines. GeneratePress theme is SEO Friendly theme and it also supports Structure data.

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4. Easy Customization

Here you get many customization options as well as you can also see Real-Time changes while customizing WordPress blog.

5. Support

If you are using the Free GeneratePress theme you can get full support from its team. The support team is very active who reply to each of your threads.

Premium Features:-

As you know GeneratePress Theme is available in both Free and Paid versions. in Paid Version you can get a lot of features.

The same free version does not have features and if we want to remove the credits from the footer of the theme, then we cannot do this.

if you want to use GeneratePress Premium then before that let me also tell you about all its features.

1) Site Library

GeneratePress Theme is a MultiPurpose Theme, it is not necessary that you can use this theme only for your blog. If you want to make a website for any company, then you can do that Such as Shopping Website, News Website. Etc

So you can use this feature named Site Library in some way that if you do not know how to design a website, then you have already given some templates in it. Whichever of these you like best.

GeneratePress site library

2) Colors

GeneratePress provides color options where you can choose your own choice Background Color, Link Color, Text Color, Link Color Hover, etc.

GeneratePress Colors

3) Typography

With the help of this, we can make any changes to any text of the site. For example, if the font size of a heading is to be increased or its font-weight means to make the text bold. Such changes can be made.

GeneratePress Typography

4) Widget Areas

It gives you footer areas, a right sidebar, a left sidebar, and a header widget area.

GeneratePress widgets

5) Menu Plus

If you want to add a good navigation bar, then you can use this feature of your Generate Premium. In some themes, it is a bit difficult to install the Navbar, but a Responsive Navbar can be installed in it. Which is supported in all devices like mobile, desktop, and tablet. And if you want to put Sticky Navigation in Desktop Mode, then you can activate it with just one click.

GeneratePress Menus

6) Secondary Navbar

If you want to add Navbar anywhere other than Top-Navbar, then that can also be done.

7) Import/Export

In Import/Export addon, you can keep the Gp option in one place by importing and exporting.

GeneratePress import export

8) Money Back Guaranteed

If you want to use the premium version of Generate Press, then you also get 30 Days Money Back guaranteed, after doing that, if you are not satisfied then you can also return it.

GeneratePress Theme Price & Discount

GeneratePress Theme Price and Discount

How to Install GeneratePress Theme?

So let’s first know that those people who want to install the free version of GeneratePress Theme, then they only have to go to Appearance > Themes > Add New Theme after opening the WordPress Dashboard. 

Then in the search box, you have to search by typing GeneratePress and install the theme. And Activate.

After activating WordPress Premium Theme, now your next step is to customize the theme.

And after that whatever customization you want to do, you can do that in the theme, but as much as we are given in a free theme, then this is the process of installing GeneratePress Free Version, hope you have understood well.

Final Words About GeneratePress Theme Review :-

GeneratePress is one of the best WordPress themes for users who are looking for a lightweight and flexible responsive theme. There are not many features available in its free version but for those who are looking for well-developed free WordPress themes, then GeneratePress is the right choice. Both the theme is the best Generate Press free theme and Generate Press Premium Plugin. You get very advanced features in the premium plugin whereas a free WordPress theme has some limited features.

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Q.1) Which is the best theme for WordPress Blog?

The best theme for WordPress Blog according to me is Generate Press Theme. GeneratePress Theme is SEO Friendly, Mobile Responsive, Fast loading High-speed WordPress Theme.

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