Essential Oils To Lighten Facial Hair

No matter how strict our beauty regimen and pampering sessions are, the worrisome problem of women having facial hair persists. Some women have suffered from facial hair that may occasionally get pretty extensive. Rushing to the salon to remove your hair isn’t always an option, especially if you’re late for work or have other important tasks to run. Essential oils are here to help you lighten your facial hair. Essential oils are potent remedies that help with skincare, stress, and anxiety relief, all of which are closely related to hormone imbalances. The essential oil has shown noticeable effects for ages. Many essential oils, like the best cashew oil, tea tree, and lavender oil, have many benefits for the skin.

The development of facial hair that is not desired has several causes. 

  • Hormonal Adjustments: Numerous hormonal changes, such as those that occur during menopause or in conjunction with PCOD, can cause a considerable increase in facial hair development. 
  • Medication: Several pharmaceuticals, including steroids, danazol, minoxidil, etc., can interfere with your body’s hormone levels. This may also encourage the growth of undesirable facial hair. 
  • Disorders of the adrenal glands: Conditions like Cushing’s illness and adrenal tumors can impact your body’s androgen production.
  • Obesity: If you are fat, the condition of hirsutism—the development of unwelcome facial hair—can get considerably worse. Your body may release too much male hormone, resulting in too much facial hair. 

Essential oils for Facial hair 

Tea Tree Oil

This oil is loaded with therapeutic qualities that are effective in battling various skin and scalp conditions, including dandruff and acne. It also possesses antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, and antiseptic effects. Using this oil helps in lightening facial hair to an extent. 

Lavender oil

Lavender oil is also known as a stress and anxiety reducer. It is a good idea to diffuse the oil before you go to bed as it helps you in giving restful sleep at night and can quickly calm you down. Using lavender and tea tree essential oils may help treat mild idiopathic hirsutism when administered topically (hirsutism that appears in women with normal ovulatory function, normal serum androgen levels, and no other underlying conditions).

Turmeric essential oil

The effectiveness of this oil in hair removal is immense, and people know about it very well. For a very long time, this oil has been the standard therapy for all skin-related problems, including excessive hair growth. Due to the anti-androgenic properties of turmeric’s key ingredient, curcumin, it can inhibit excessive facial hair growth. Furthermore, it boasts incredible healing abilities, which suggests that turmeric oil or even the golden powder made from the rhizome can hasten skin repair and regeneration while forming a scar tissue barrier between the papilla and the hair bulb.

Fennel essential oil

This is another practical anti-androgenic component that is proven to aid with various hormonal issues, including atypical facial hair development. The best thing is that the scented oil has many advantages for skin care. It’s an excellent skin-tightening and anti-aging substance. With this, you may get skin free of hair and wrinkles.


Don’t let the tiny hair on your face ruin your self-confidence. Using essential oils mentioned in this article can certainly help you with not only boosting self-confidence but also improving overall skincare. These are the best essential oils to help you get rid of facial hair. Always make sure you buy pure essential oil that contains no additives.

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